2 books & below

Here are people who offer 1-2books;

Zakiah Abdul Mutalib, a third year ,Electrical Electronics Engineering Student offers those books,do contact her at zaluiera@yahoo.com

1) MArs and Venus in Love

2) Mars and Venus in Date

Eliyana Saliha Elias,a third year Electrical Electronics student-contact her at piring85_terbang@yahoo.com

1) The Sweetest Taboo

2) For Better For Worse

Siti Rusyida Rohim a third year Mechanichal Engineering student-contact her at Acik_comel@yahoo.com

1) HArry Potter And The Deadly Hallow

2) Life is an Open Secret

Erwan Shahfizad Hasidan-3rd year Mechanical Engineering student-contact him at akuapam@yahoo.co.uk

1) The 5th Horseman

2) Civilisation A New Story Of Modern World

Nurdianah Sukor ,3rd Electrical Electronics Engineering student-contact her at deanaa_devil@yahoo.com

1) Hidden Secret – A Complete History Of Espionage & The Technology Used To Support It

2) New Scientist

Muhammad Azizi Abdul Aziz a 4th year Electrical Electronics Engineering student offers ;

1)The Tommyknockers

and contact him at gjiedagreat@yahoo.com

Emy Zairah Ahmad, a third year Electrical Electronics Engineering Student offers

1)Buku Masakan Thai

and contact her at n_emy1585@yahoo.com

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