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Salam & Hi To All,

Sheffield Malaysian Students Association presents you a new weblog of “SMSA@Library” with new features. For those uninitiated,SMSA Library is a virtual library in which SMSA would advertise available books by its members

Here,find out our 17 Bookworms,with more than 70 books and magazines to read!

Click below the blue one,to read their books(or see categories>Bookworms)

1) Elaine Patrick (14 books)

2) Tengku Afif (8 books))

3) M @ Khairuddin (6 books)

4) Ruzaini @ Pisang (6 books)

5) Adibah Abu Kassim (7 books)

6) Siti Sofiah (5 books)

7) Shafawati Hasbi (5 books)

8)) Adibah Najihah (4 books)

9) Irwan Iqbal (3 books)

10)Asyraff @ Capau (3 books)

>>[2 books and below]<<

11)Zakiah Abdul Mutalib

12) Siti Rusyidah @ Han

13) Eliyana Saliha Elias

14) Nurdianah Sukor

15) Erwan SHahfizad

16) Muhammad Azizi

17)Emy Zairah

Please enjoy reading!


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